The Journal adheres to the principles of honesty and scientific ethics at every stage of creating the Journal, especially when it comes to the COPE standards and the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing.


That is why every person cooperating with the Journal is obliged to meet the requirements stated by the COPE. Therefore any kind of scientific misconduct or unethical behavior (including ghostwriting, ghost authorship, and honorary/guest authorship) will be reported to the workplace of a person cooperating with the Journal and the scientific associations which this person is a member.


The authors, while making a submission, have to confirm that: the article is original and written by them; the article is not under the consideration in any other journal; all the authors of the paper were indicated; there is not any conflict of interest when it comes to the article; no one's rights have been violated by the article and its content.


At any time before accepting the article for publication, the authors are able to withdraw their article from the submission process in the Journal.


Both the reviewers (reviewing the article in a double blind system) and the editors are forbidden from using the articles submitted to the journal for their own benefit and from any other unethical behavior towards the authors and their articles.